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ASOCRET-HB-flex (ASO-Haftschlämme-flex)

ASOCRET-HB-flex (ASO-Haftschlämme-flex)

Contact and bonding slurry

Logo-ASOCRET-HB-flex (ASO-Haftschlämme-flex)


    • Especially suitable as a contact and adhesion promoting slurry for the installation of tiles and slabs using traditional sand cement bedding.
    • As a bonding agent for bonded cement-based screeds.
    • Polymer modified, heavy duty use.
    • ASOCRET-HB-flex is particularly matched to the special screed cements from the ASO-EZ series.



Approx. 1 - 2 kg/m²

Article NumberColourPackagingUnit/Europallet
202224-001/a grey 25 kg/bag 42